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#2 – Ikhwan Page Fail

So here’s the 2nd EG-FAIL post…this time with both hilarious and embarrassing. Just pure FAIL

So we’ve all heard about Azza Faiad, the young egyptian girl who succeeded in producing hydrocarbon fuel by catalytic cracking of plastic waste utilizing a new cheaper type of catalyst. People shared her story for winning the European Commission’s initiative “European Union Contest for Young Scientists” out of pride and hope in the hidden and usually underestimated abilities, she’s only 16 by the way so…SHE’S QUITE AMAZING!

I’ve got nothing against anyone who shared her story…but it’s that only page that shared it, added their own “touch” Read the rest of this entry


If you whine, I’m in

-Hey, you busy?


-Wanna hang out?



-I’m doing time Read the rest of this entry


Okay…so today concluded the 14th day of two weeks which contained ZERO work on my GP…

Except for an external call for help from my brother’s friend who was actually a great help, it feels more likely for something to emerge from my hated building. And It’s my turn now to get down on it and continue. Read the rest of this entry

You would not do the same

One day, I was going home by metro, it was more crowded than usual and the tickets booth had a really long queue. I took my turn and stood. It seemed it would take long to reach the window so I took out my book and started reading. I spent around 6 minutes moving slowly. Read the rest of this entry

#1 – Fara’een Channel

This channel’s FAIL level is OVER 9,000!

It deserves to be present in my first “EG-FAIL” post!

First, the channel is owned by Prof. Tawfik Okasha, with a degree in FAIL has been a massive subject for mockery since it was founded. With Okasha himself presenting most of its shows (not sure if it’s many shows or it’s one big show…) I never actually watched the channel because I care about my mental health. Read the rest of this entry


Because we all suffer from the current egyptian conditions, in every aspect of life there’s a level of FAIL that is constantly performed by the egyptians no matter who they are or what their character is, FAIL EXISTS! and we all contribute to it, directly or indirectly…I’m starting a series of posts categorized “EGYFAIL” as well as a twitter hashtag with #egyfail Read the rest of this entry

The Mother Nabih

Monday 16/4/2012

Today, I realized how much grateful I am to have a mum like mine. I usually am grateful for having her and I’m aware that I can not live without her. It will be so much harder and tougher.

Maybe we are opposites on the intellectual side and we disagree about almost everything, but I’ve realised some things she raised me and my brothers doing, some things were protectively on the extreme side. And as extreme as she was, we ended up with some downsides… Read the rest of this entry

Since when…?

Since when do I give such sized importance to college?

I know, the fact that the graduation project is the last chance I gave architecture to decide whether I’m gonna lead a career in it or not…
So why am I refusing to accept the “or not” part. It’s a decision after all, I can decide to do it, and I can decide not to do it.

SIMPLE! Read the rest of this entry

A crazy fucking morning xD

So here…after a couple of hours playing stronghold crusaders’ desert trail levels 34 to 36 Read the rest of this entry

The Father Nabih


The life-changing day that held maybe the most sorrowful moment in my whole life.
I still remember it as if it was yesterday. It was early in the morning, I was in my room doing my maths homework. My two young brothers had left for school like an hour ago and he was awake at that time. I still remember my mom shouting my name from the other end of our home. That awkward neutral feeling of not knowing the gravity of what’s happening… Read the rest of this entry