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Parents aren’t perfect V

So after I explained the parents’ approach and attitude towards most -if not all- our brilliant ideas/decisions. Let’s get back to how we are less susceptible to change as we age. And how we reach the final conclusion/point of equilibrium with our daily struggles as we carry them with us along the years. Read the rest of this entry



It hasn’t been going well for quite some time. The regular ups and downs on the overall but for me, personally, it’s been heading towards hell. Personal death and decay, nothing on the lookout, nothing in the making, nothing achieved, nothing. The rest is entrapped!


I’m becoming an iceberg, one in a million.
Floating aimlessly in a direction I don’t control.
A silent iceberg that cannot tell its place, lost in the infinity of the ocean.
An iceberg that could be on top of the world, or far to the bottom,
awaiting a school of penguins or a pack of polar bears to be able to tell.
But now I’m unaware of my location,
and wondering about my destination. More on the iceberg & me

Parents aren’t perfect IV

How often do we disagree with our parents? Why are our opinions and views about stuff always conflicting? Why does it feel like they are there to oppose whatever we have to say or want to do?

As far as I’ve lived and as much as I’ve observed, I’ve seen that people -me included- are generally becoming less susceptible to change. The more we come of age, we start to become saturated with the knowledge we have due to what we’ve seen and learned along the years. We are not as flexible to swallowing new things Read the rest of this entry