Monthly Archives: February 2012

Post-millenium thoughts

It’s obvious that my blog activity has declined for one and a half month now.

It shouldn’t make sense because…during this time I was less busy. I had more time to write and think freely without any over pressing stress. For almost half of the time I had exams, this could be an excuse. Well it’s not because the days were less crowded than usual and still I didn’t get down to writing just for a handful of times. Read the rest of this entry


Approaching a Millenium of views

5 Months

60 Posts


and a 1000 Views

That’s a win =)

A close engagement

Today was a good day.

A friend of mine was getting engaged today. He’s not the first of my age to be blessed with this occasion. But he’s the first among my smaller circle of friends. I wish him and his wife-to-be a good trouble-free life together.

It makes me feel both older and younger. It’s a bit confusing, I haven’t thought about getting into a relationship that’s preliminary to serious official commitment. Aside for the occasional crushes that wear away pretty quick. I haven’t sought that path at all. Read the rest of this entry

The Orange Notebook

Last year, at the beginning of college year, I thought I had it all figured out, I was enthusiastic about the third year starting. With all the motivation to prove myself and my ability to gather all the lost pieces. It seemed simple, I just need to keep track of everything I do, would do, need to do and have it written down before my eyes to be able to see a bigger picture of the time I’m granted. Read the rest of this entry