Brothers FTW!

I admit that I’m happier around my brothers lately. We’ve changed during the last couple of years. We grew up, we deal with each other differently and I’m grateful and glad it’s happening.

I’m glad it’s happening because today, I can look back like seven or eight years ago and all I remember is a power play. We used to focus on how we can annoy each other or practice our authority according to our ages and what we possessed. We only tried to prove ourselves better than each other but only in competitive gaming.

I remember one summer, the only arguments we had was who ate the most fries or who’s turn is it to go buy some bread for dinner. Whose turn is it to play on the PC and how many hours will they get. I must say that it kinda defines us and our love for competing with each other, and we all enjoyed it as we knew our own points of strength and weakness, our likes and dislikes. But I ought to mention that it lacked the basic elements of a relationship between brothers. Because we only compared and competed in a very narrow –even shallow- perspective.

We didn’t give each other advice about studying, about finding a hobby or about discovering our own potential. We just buy a new game, fight over who plays it, fight over who’s better at it, show off finishing it before the rest. Those times were really fun and I thank GOD I have these three as my brothers because I enjoyed us back then and I’m enjoying us more and more now.

We grew up, we’ve seen other people, other examples of lives, and we’ve discovered that we missed out on lots of things we could’ve done which would’ve had a greater impact on how we are now. Sometimes it frustrates us, but we know we have great potentials. We will stick together till each of us rises above our own expectations. We will make it through =)

Long Live The Nabayeh =D

Brothers FTW!

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